Make short-term missions a lifestyle!

A short-term mission opportunity can last anywhere from one week to two years. YWAM offers hundreds of possibilities for individuals, churches, youth groups, and students.


Let’s transform Costa Rica by placing a Bible in every home of Costa Rica. We are working on having a Bible in the 1,2 million homes in Costa Rica. Every Bible costs only $3, so it’s a small cost for a big difference.

We partner with the public schools around us to help with service projects such as painting, maintenance or any need they have. These schools have mostly kids in poverty come and the  budget the government gives them is too small. We work hard so then we can play with them during breaks and lunch time and share about God’s love for them.

A great opportunity to share with kids and teenagers in a personal way. Since this kids are bilingual, your team has the opportunity to connect directly with them and share about Jesus with them. Your team can lead a chapel service, share in small groups or play a soccer game and reach many students with God’s love.

Costa Rica receives many people that come from other Central American countries looking for jobs and a better life, many of them end up in slum’s squatting in terrible conditions. Most of this families have over 5 kids. Make a difference by sharing God’s love, playing and even preparing a special meal for them (cost of meal is approx $150 and feeds over 150 kids).

Give the kids of Los Angeles community a different and life changing week or weekend. Plan games, activities, crafts, teachings and many more fun things to share Jesus love for them. Change a kid, to change a family, to change a nation.

Put your skill to the service of the Kingdom of God. You can bless many with your building, fixing, cleaning, decorating, painting and any talent you have. Help different ministries, families or schools and share about God in a practical way.

Transform a families life and affect the whole community. With only $9000 you can build a new home for a family in need. It takes 4 or 5 days to make something that seems impossible, possible. Change the life-style and bless the kids with a safe home.

Let’s go to the local parks, plaza and strategical places where people are and make an impact with the Kingdom of God. You can do dramas, worship, teachings, games or anything that help people find Jesus.

Love sports? Bring a skilled team in sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball or baseball. We will set you up matches against local high school or adult teams. Set up a training camp for kids or teenagers and use sports as a mean to attract kids to share about Jesus and teach the character of God through the sports discipline.

Are you gifted in teaching or preaching? Bless a church by sharing a word of God at a service.
Do you have some topics you are passionate about? Let’s organize a seminar with a church or several churches to train and empower local christian to grow and share with others about God.

Have medical training? Let’s reach out to many people in need and share God’s love with them through some practical medical outreach. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or any other specialty. Bring a team to do a medical outreach and transform some lives!

Thanks for partnering with us at YWAM Heredia in Costa Rica to make a short term trip with a long term impact. Our goal is to help you plan your ideal hazzle-free mission trip.