Our target areas are the Amazonia (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia), Middle East (Evangelism with Palestinians and also an unreached people group, the Domari Gypsies) and East Africa (to empower rural peoples with salvation in Jesus and more knowledge to lead healthy productive lives.)


One of our target areas is the Amazonia, which encompasses Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. 

Our goal is to equip rural pastors through discipleship and mentoring. We also work with the rural poor doing community development.

Middle East

What is God's heart for the Middle East? That is the question that we have been asking and we believe God's heart is broken for Israelis and Palestinians. We want to take them the message of God's love to bring healing and reconciliation to a land that has been torn by conflict for decades.

Domari Gypsies (Our Adopted People Group)

In 2006, while leading an outreach in Israel, we were led to a Gypsy Community Center in Jerusalem. After getting to know them, we found out that they were Domari Gypsies and they are classified as an unreached people group. There are 10,000 Domari Gypsies in Israel and as far as we know, there are no Christian witness's among them. We want to see that changed! How about you? In the future, we would like to have a permanent team working among them.

East Africa

Our focus in East Africa is to empower rural peoples with the knowledge they need to lead healthy and productive lives. 

This includes discipleship in all areas of their lives, teaching them to meet both their physical and spiritual needs. An example would be showing them how to produce clean water and sanitation facilities, in order to prevent disease and death that occur through contamination. This opens the door to share the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.