These topics are taught in the Environment and Resource School (EARS) each January-March however throughout the school seminars and individual classes on these subjects are given for those who are not attending the school.

Health & Hygiene

We provide training in disease prevention, first aid and hygiene.


We teach people how to collect, store and purify their water, using appropriate technology to build bio-sand filters, wells, hand pumps and water collection tanks, etc.

Sustainable Agriculture

We teach agricultural techniques designed to equip rural farmers in the developing world, to provide food for their families in a healthy and sustainable way, without causing damage to the environment. We employ these techniques on our own farm and use them as models to teach others.

Participatory Education Training

This is an educational approach where the missionary acts as a facilitator to help a community identify their problems and discover their own solutions.  The community members are actively involved in the process that empowers them and enables them to take ownership of the solutions.  This method is used by organizations such as CHE and Lifewater, and other NGO's all over the world.